June 2017, formally launching in the Marina of Ibiza, the new boutique of the Umbrian brand, which also in the island of excess, never loses its DNA of sophisticated measure, along with the indispensable material: cashmere (always with "traceable copyright").

Ibiza is part of the calling, become now a distinctive feature and strategy of retail, of Lorena for extraordinary places of “luxury travel leisure”. And in this special resort where transgression is at home, the 80 sqm boutique located near the harbour, Paseo Juan Carlos I 29 - a meeting point of a special tourism that mixes exclusive landings to the special quest for freedom and fantasy that the island expresses - blend with the special tale of Lorena’s Italian lifestyle.

With the same style of the Maison, also for this special context where everything takes on an exotic flavour and where every interior element of the boutique feels made ad hoc, they emphasize the warm and welcoming traits of Ibiza in keeping with the stylistic codes of the brand. Also the new Home Capsule, composed of pillows and plaid in cashmere, participates in the tale with its character of "discreet mediterranean".

The concept: warm, essential, natural, the prevailing materials used are wood and steel and recreate an intimate “at home” and laidback atmosphere, while inserted between the furnishings, are contemporary works of art by Luigi Proitetti from the Galleria Artitalia, adding value to value, making the most extempore shopping experience unique and welcoming.

"The Lorena Antoniazzi boutique in Ibiza is a new milestone, which I like to define as unusual, but that fits perfectly into a consistent retail strategy that privileges the most attractive places of international leisure.
This Mediterranean stage, with "particularly summer" traits, will be followed by a further opening in the year - comments Luca Mirabassi, CEO and President of the company and Producer of the Brand - and confirms the constant investments of the brand, aiming to capture new Business opportunities. The presence of Lorena Antoniazzi in places of international shopping goes to satisfy a demand for quality Italian products and confirms that our product is always over the top for a demanding clientele. And by extension it shows that our doing well and made in Italy still has great value and undisputed potential. The next new insignia are all focused within the end of Summer 2017: and they will be in August in Korea, in Seoul and Daegu, and in September in Russia, where the opening of the first flagship store at St Petersburg awaits us.”