"The charm" of the uniform & evergreen elegance.”

Lorena Antoniazzi Autumn Winter 2017. Unsurpassed classic elegance. Harmony and clean aesthetics. Richness of the purest materials shaped through a touch of subversive boyish style.

A little proud Tsarina and a little fearless heroine from Doctor Zhivago, the Lorena Antoniazzi woman is preparing, through the A/W 17 Collection, a new interpretation, fully dedicated to the review of a contemporary 'classic'. It hides well, under a boyish style, a disruptive feminine and determined character. United and enterprising in the choices, it proves itself, more than anything, through the details.

It’s a new style that exalts the attitude of simple "city femme”. A research that is synthesized in line with the sophisticated, decisive cuts. The mood is minimal and the silhouettes borrowed from the male repertoire, with a hint of ‘uniform’ . This rigor, is balanced by the exaggerated richness of the materials used, from the treatment of the yarns and stitches to the overlapping layers. It's the details that cast strong signals of an understated femininity. Simplicity and understatedness that only apparently hides certainty and female power.

Research and attention start from the brands focus of knitwear. Precious yarns are mixed and inlayed in fur and sophisticated embroidery. Fringed shirts for more casual lines. Blends of cashmere and silk, gauze and cashmere or weaves with lurex and laminated yarns. Seams disappear for more elegant lines that follow the curves of the body. Soft angora uniting with the prevailing dyed cashmere.

It 's a triumph of outerwear. From the cuts to the simple lines, acting as a contrast, in a harmonious balance, the opulence of the fibre and fabric combinations. Always without excess. From the ‘must-have’ coat in double fabric – the brands best seller every season – to the sleeveless fur gilet, or to the double alpaca sheepskin and camouflage. A Parka in technical fabric and knit for a casual street style.

The absolute novelty of the winter season is a Swarovski rain - inaugurating a new partnership with the enterprises "undisputed queen of brightness" - that distinguishes the knitwear, leather garments and accessories, with an incomparable light. For a more rock-pop taste there are natural resin applications with small studs and the introduction of laminated yarns on sweaters and dresses.

Even the iconic design of the Lorena Antoniazzi star is superimposed and reinterpreted, not only in cashmere, giving way to new forms of communication. We find it not only on garments and within the prints but even in the accessories in new combinations of proportions and high-quality materials.

The homage to the evening of Lorena Antoniazzi, consists of long silk dresses in a plaid print and sinuous knitwear with madras print. The evening dress is enhanced by a small collection of bijoux-jewelry, in brass: bracelets and necklaces with knitted star motif inserts.

The focus of the footwear is concentrated on laced, masculine styles in soft nappa leather with fur inserts. The boots instead incite a provocation: taller styles with metal studs that accentuate their character.

The color palette is inspired by the combinations of the most elegant military uniform: the seriousness of the blue is interrupted by the yellow, the mimesis of the green is refreshed by the orange. A complementary series of color-blocking, with a strong innovative impact.

Lorena Antoniazzi is a brand of Sterne International SpA, founded in 1993 as a line of high-end cashmere knitwear, that has developed a total look over the years, and continues its evolution in the research and testing of the most exclusive yarn techniques. Lorena Antoniazzi distributes its creations through the most exclusive department stores and international multi-brands.