March 30, 2017, Zurich. Let the party begin!


Lorena Antoniazzi welcomes the invitation from one of the most sophisticated insignia, overlooking the most frequented and prestigious shopping streets in Canton of Ticino, The Jelmoli Boutique/store.

Jelmoli has always been - in Switzerland’s largest city - the historic brand partner of cashmere, Thursday, March 30, at around 18:00, they will open their spaces to receive their regular customers and many new Swiss and international guests on the occasion of a great evening event.


The evening is dedicated to celebrating the tale of a great "all-Italian" story that never ceases to fascinate the world and has helped create the story of the Italian lifestyle.


"La Dolce Vita", is the clear title of the evening and holds the symbol that inspired the tribute. An evening, therefore in honour of a unique style and culture, among the most popular and recognized throughout the world, which has managed to thrill the jet set, first ladies, princesses, queens and celebrities.


A passion for Italy and Italianism that transformed itself into "international clientele", dressing and sustaining icons, but also developing the "know-how" so exclusive and distinctive that it becomes a unique style recognized internationally.


The same "know-how" that together with music, fashion, DOC gourmet, will be the star of the evening. For the brand Lorena Antoniazzi, the lights of the set will illuminate a particular moment of this scene. Three master artisans intent on the realization of a sweater, just like an old Italian artisan workshop. During the evening, the Umbrian brand will continue to be the ambassador of Italian style, presenting the guests of the Department Store the Spring Summer Collection 2017.


"We are happy to present our reality and our passion to the Swiss public of Jelmoli -explains Luca Mirabassi president and CEO of the brand- We are confident that the true and certified, made in Italy, mark gives a quality response to markets sensitive to the Italian style, as well as high craftsmanship, passion for quality and timeless style. This is the secret of collaboration and successful results of Lorena Antoniazzi and the Group, on an attentive and receptive market such as Switzerland"