New opening Paris Showroom

New Paris location for Lorena Antoniazzi: Paris welcomes the “traceable” cashmere luxury brand and Made in Italy excellence.

A new executive Showroom in Paris for the Umbrian high quality cashmere brand Lorena Antoniazzi. Just last May and June, Lorena Antoniazzi inaugurated three stand-alone flagship boutiques in the most prestigious and exclusive international leisure locations: Cortina, St. Moritz and Porto Cervo. In keeping with tradition, the brand inaugurated a new Paris space to be its brand headquarters and the location remains, as always, amidst the world’s most luxurious shopping squares and streets.

The objective is to consolidate the French market and become a reference point for international clientele. In Paris, Lorena Antoniazzi has already received acclaim from clients and buyers and already boasts a stand-alone boutique in the prestigious Rue de Castiglione.

With the location’s official opening occurring at the end of July, it was the prime occasion to present the new women’s Spring Summer 2017 collection to historic clients and buyers and inaugurate the beginning of the season’s sale campaign.

The exposition space covers an area of over 150 square meters through expansive and bright rooms. Situated on the first floor of an early twentieth century building, the showroom possesses three ornate windows made from three transplanted olive trees, symbolic of the Umbrian hills and the brand’s roots. The windows overlook 336 Rue Saint Honoré, facing the Tuileries Gardens.

The interior masterfully captures the minimalistic architectural style of Lorena Antoniazzi boutiques and showrooms. The use of high quality natural materials such as corten and wood lends a fresh appearance and recreates an intimate atmosphere, which is in line with the brand and its core values.

Lorena Antoniazzi spaces and fashions highlight a distinct and welcoming lifestyle which celebrates natural materials and natural tones.

“The new French headquarters will become our international showcase,” commented Luca Mirabassi, CEO and President of Sterne International Spa, the brand’s manufacturer. “The location was chosen to support the international distribution necessity as well as to consolidate the success that the brand is gathering abroad and in all territories where well done and Made in Italy still have great value and great potential.”

Lorena Antoniazzi is currently distributed in 300 wholesale retail points in Europe, Asia, Russia and the United States in addition to its own stand-alone boutiques. By the end of the year, there will be new retail openings in Russia.

Paris, the European capital city renowned for its artistic prowess, is the ideal location for the unification of luxury and avant-garde creativity in revolutionary new models. Furthermore, the concept of a “traceable luxury” is both a firm Lorena Antoniazzi belief and investment.