Triple boutiques opening

Lorena Antoniazzi flying toward “Luxury resort leisure, over the top”

MAY 2016: St. Moritz, Cortina and Porto Cervo. A triple opening for Sterne International’s Umbrian brand, which specializes in high quality cashmere. The choice of these three destinations is symbolic of three important objectives for Lorena Antoniazzi. Additionally, it confirms an advance toward a selective distributive strategy, concentrated in the most prestigious leisure destinations.

The opening of the new stand-alone flagship boutiques, respectively planned for the Palace Galerie in St. Moritz, Corso Italia in Cortina and La Passeggiata in Porto Cervo, also illustrates strategic brand imaging. Attuned to the importance of presence, Lorena Antoniazzi attentively and precisely chose its new locations in the most high-end cosmopolitan shopping streets in the world’s most beautiful and prestigious international vacation destinations.

Lorena Antoniazzi has made traceability and the diffusion of Made in Italy craftsmanship its international mission. Thus, the three new exclusive “five star” locations were an irresistible attraction for the Umbrian brand. Natural destinations, good living, elegance, a discreet sense of high society, and a concentration on maximum quality — all these attributes are in perfect harmony with the spirit of cashmere.

Italian character and comfort as status, a predisposition to a lifestyle made of excellence without limits, these are the values which also inspired the technical study and the rendering of the boutiques where materials, lines and color scheme are all coherent with the essence of Lorena Antoniazzi.

The predominant materials used are wood and corten; they create an intimate “at home” atmosphere, which is warm, essential and natural. Amidst the furniture, one discovers contemporary works of art from Luigi Proietti’s Galleria Artitalia. The sum of these interior considerations make Lorena Antoniazzi boutique shopping truly unique and welcoming.

The openings in these three important places consolidates the brand diffusion as also exemplified in last year’s boutique opening in the beloved northern Italian ski location of Ortisei, in the essential Paris boutique and in the Perugia boutique, a fitting tribute to the brand’s Umbrian roots.

Inside the boutiques, it is always possible to experience the traceability system of garments and materials. A special feature of the Perugian Company: the process provides the customer with the opportunity to access all the information relative to the main production phases of the items, simply by connecting the label to a totem tech tool.
For the boutiques’ clients, offered in preview will be an ample choice of looks from the next Winter Collection: from the iconic and sought-after cashmere knits, to the fine doubleface knit jackets, to the lightweight laser-cut ribbed shearlings. All are rigorously hand finished with guarantees of excellence and uniqueness. The rich selection of accessories and complementary pieces make the casual chic style of the brand even more exclusive.

“St. Moritz, Cortina and Porto Cervo are a part of an intense retail plan which includes additional openings in the year. They confirm additional brand investments and simultaneous new business opportunities, which are perfectly in line with the values and mission of our brand,” explained Luca Mirabassi, CEO and President of the brand’s production agency.

“The presence in places of international shopping satisfies a demand for Italian products of quality. It confirms that our product is always “over the top” for an exacting clientele. It is also a sign that our made well and made in Italy still has a great value and a potential on the international market.”