The distribution strategy of the Lorena Antoniazzi brand relies on a synergy between the wholesale channel and the retail channel. In particular, the Perugian company’s objective is to strengthen the retail channel by increasing the number of retail stores worldwide, thanks to targeted partnerships with local agencies. Currently, stores are located in Perugia, Ortisei, Paris, Saint Moritz, Daegu, Seoul,Busan, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Cannes.

Italian character and comfort as status, a predisposition to a lifestyle made of excellence without limits, these are the values which also inspired the technical study and the rendering of the boutiques where materials, lines and color scheme are all coherent with the essence of Lorena Antoniazzi.

The predominant materials used are wood and corten; they create an intimate “at home” atmosphere, which is warm, essential and natural. Amidst the furniture, one discovers contemporary works of art from Luigi Proietti’s Galleria Artitalia. The sum of these interior considerations make Lorena Antoniazzi boutique shopping truly unique and welcoming.

Inside the boutiques, it is always possible to experience the traceability system of garments and materials. A special feature of the Perugian Company: the process provides the customer with the opportunity to access all the information relative to the main production phases of the items, simply by connecting the label to a totem tech tool.

Sterne International’s long-term goals include China, a market they want to approach with the right timing, and the United States, where the brand will be available at upscale specialty stores. On the wholesale side, the Lorena Antoniazzi brand is distributed in about 200 selected stores worldwide in addition to distribution with partners in Russia, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.