Keyword: Traceability. In 2013, after four years of experimentation, Sterne International patented an innovative digital system that allows the customer to access all phases of garment creation of the Lorena Antoniazzi brand, from spinning to weaving to individual treatments of each material in the collection.


This system is the result of the work of a team of young researchers – led by Andrea and Nicola Mirabassi – who along with Sterne International have worked from 2009 to today.


By typing the bar code of the garment ticket label on the Lorena Antoniazzi website, or alternatively scanning the QR Code with your smartphone, each customer can access the details of each product made by the Umbrian brand. Every piece of the collection contains a detailed description- which can also be accessed at Lorena Antoniazzi thanks to a special “totem” touchscreen – which displays the code of the garment, the model, the color and the collection it belongs to.

In addition, technical production information is also available: the date, material used and the supplier from which such material was purchased. Finally, the various stages of production are described in detail, all Made in Italy. The patent ensures a high level of transparency and it does so in an interactive way: the page displaying the garment comes alive with just a few clicks , revealing a series of videos that clearly illustrate some of the stages of garment production marked by a star.

The process is precisely documented, complete with dates, production locations, country of origin of the yarn and transport from one factory to another. The aim is to offer those who buy the Perugian company’s products the highest possible level of transparency and to ensure that the item purchased is made entirely in Italy, more precisely in Umbria.

The patent increases the level of trust between the producer and consumer who can easily access the history of the garment which was purchased: just type in the barcode – or scan the QR code printed on the ticket with your smartphone and you can see all the production information online of Lorena Antoniazzi’s products. RFID technology makes this possible, by using a microchip inserted in the label.

This system is the result of the work of a team of young researchers – led by Andrea and Nicola Mirabassi – who along with Sterne International have worked from 2009 to today, to develop an innovative and efficient system. Presently, they are focusing on new technologies to make the traceability process of garments more immediate, as it is becoming more important, especially in foreign markets that represent 85% of  Sterne International’s sales. Guaranteeing all stages of implementation as Made in Italy–by the company itself or by trusted partners, is a way of not only ensuring quality and attention to detail in garment production, but also combating counterfeits.

Lorena Antoniazzi’s collections have a dual certification for excellence in textiles by the ITF-ItalianTextile Fashion.

Aided by a microchip inserted in the label of each Lorena Antoniazzi garment, the details of each product are monitored with extreme precision  internally and externally by Sterne International in Perugia. Each item which undergoes all processes – from first production quality control to the  final steps of wash and iron – are digitally recorded.

The client can have access to the details of these phases at all times and in a very simple way.  Each garment represents a “story” that reflects the core values of the Lorena Antoniazzi brand: from the care with which every piece of the collection is produced to the maintenance and control of the supply chain.


01. Retrieves the garment’s label

02. Frame the codiceQR with your smatphone

03. You’ll discover the productive track of your garment

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Retrieves the label of your Lorena’s garment and click on the link below