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The birth of Sterne and the Discrict of Umbria

Lorena Antoniazzi is brand that specializes in high-end knitwear and was founded in Perugia in 1993. The creation of the label was founded with passion by Lorena a Creative Director, and her husband Luca Mirabassi, founder and owner of Sterne International an Umbrian company that produces and distributes it.

It’s passion coupled with design and the production of high quality garments, with a focus on knitwear. The story of the brand was in fact a wager: in the early 90’s, Lorena Antoniazzi and Luca Mirabassi, who came from different backgrounds in the fashion industry, decided to create a small collection of garments for women, using prestigious yarn and innovative techniques,it was produced entirely in Umbria. Strengthened by the entrepreneurial spirit of Luca and the creative talent demonstrated by Lorena since childhood. They began an adventure that, twenty years later, is still “electrifying”.

“Quella curiosa regione d’Italia che oggi si chiama Umbria, ma che si articola in realtà fra un fiume fondamentale per la storia del mondo e una strada fondamentale per gli accenti antichi che porta con sé. Il fiume è il Tevere che nasce ad un passo dall’Arno e lascia una terra Mesopotamos nella quale il genio si è sempre sviluppato con naturalezza”


The family, biography

Born in Verona, Lorena Antoniazzi showed strong creative talent as a child and specifically, an aptitude for design: the sketches she created when she was only 10 years old for a competition organized for the centenary of the liberation of Veneto were shown at Gran Guardia, the most prestigious museum of Verona.

In her teens, Lorena discovered a new talent, athletics: first the obstacle course, then the high jump. In the latter discipline Lorena Antoniazzi obtained the Italian record 1,81mt: La Gazzetta dello Sport defines her as “the painter of Fosbury” summarizing in one nickname the two spirits of the young designer. Lorena, at just 14 years old, moved to Formia and entered the Nationals team. Lorena Antoniazzi’s entry into the world of fashion began shortly thereafter. She came from a family of tailors-her grandfather tailored male clothing as well as her aunt.

She returned to Verona after having finished an experience in sports and began working as a saleswoman in a clothing store.

Her creative streak flourished immediately, so much so that in a short time, Lorena was promoted to buyer. She worked for five boutiques in Verona and often traveled to Milan, the Italian fashion capital. It was there that she was discovered by Enrico Coveri who recognized her talent and hired her to manage the production of leather garments in their collections. Shortly after, Lorena Antoniazzi began her training as a designer, with a focus on knitwear. She worked with Claude Montana and then with Giorgio Armani – creative director of Erreuno, at the time.

Wholesale and retail

The distribution strategy of the Lorena Antoniazzi brand focuses on a synergy between the wholesale and retail channel. In particular the company has the objective of improving the retail channel by increasing the number of Lorena Antoniazzi flagship stores all over the world through a focused partnership with local business operators.

At the moment, stores are located in Italy in Perugia, Milan and Ortisei, in Europe in Paris, Cannes and St. Moritz, in Asia in Daegu, Seoul, Busan and Daejeon, and in Russia in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Sterne International plans forecast store openings in prestigious locations in Japan and Korea and the enhancement of collaborations with its distributive partners.

Lorena Antoniazzi selects new locations in the best cosmopolitan shopping streets in the world’s most beautiful and prestigious international destinations. Each store is a reflection of the values the brand wants to convey: Italian character and comfort. A predisposition to an exclusive lifestyle which transmits the Made in Italy excellence.

Materials like corten and wood create an intimate and hearty atmosphere which will make you feel “at home”, the warm and captivating scents of the custom selected fragrance, the zesty taste of ginger and turmeric of the chocolate stars which are especially handcrefted by a maitre chocolatier, a full and envelopping experience envolving all senses.

Boutique& Showrooms

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