Lorena Antoniazzi in the worldwide Expo showcase

Lorena Antoniazzi in the worldwide Expo showcase

“Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life.” Lorena Antoniazzi embraces the Expo 2015 values, drawing up a special and important partnership with one of the nine Clusters hosted in this worldwide showcase: The Basmati Rice Cluster.

The best of the Indian and Asiatic food/culinary culture: a pure simplicity to join to refined but still natural tastes. For this reason, the brand that believes in the values of clearness and traceability, has offered to draw the “uniforms” for the Basmati Cluster’s girls, five of the new emerging Countries (India, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Laos and Myanmar).

Each uniform is made of natural fabrics and yarns, as cachemire and silk. In this way the volumes are comfortable, drawing up the impalpable forms and fabrics give flowing and lightness to each garment. An intense colour palette refers to the sources of nature: from the energetic and intense lime colours to the aquatic blues. All these colours are in harmony with the vital energy of the world and food.

“I wished to take part to this worldwide and unique event for our Country with our brand identity and passion” says Lorena Antoniazzi, the designer of the brand that turned its Made in Italy into an ethic code for the company. “…and I wished to spread these values to the world population through the Expo showcase. Expo is a great showcase to show our tradition and technical innovation”.

The recognized traceability patent of Lorena Antoniazzi, another important step for our company, that ensures a high level of transparency of brand and guarantees the authentic Made in Italy, is embraced also by the world Expo population. In fact, it will be organized some events, in partnership with the exhibitors both inside the pavilion and “outside” Expo.

Lorena Antoniazzi is a brand of the Sterne International SpA, founded in Perugia in 1993, specializing in high-end knitwear. Over the years, the brand has developed own total look and it is continuing its evolution in search of the most exclusive techniques of yarn.

Lorena Antoniazzi brand is distributed through the most exclusive department stores and multi-brand worldwide. Recently, company obtained its traceability’s patent. By using a sophisticated microchip inserted in the label, customers can access all phases of garment creation of the brand, from the first production of quality control to the final steps of wash and iron.

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