“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”

This is the aim that distinguishes the Lorena Antoniazzi collection, a passion that evolves season over season, taking care of the details and absolute quality, from weaving, to manufacturing, from leather goods to accessories. In the world of luxury, this is a challenge and a philosophy that Lorena applies to every single item presented. “In the trench” is the first theme that presents a dynamic, modern woman who travels, works, but who is flawless at any time. Trenches of all fits and cuts, elegant yet sporty, with embroidered print applications or with knitted inserts for a more casual appeal, bomber jackets, parkas and jackets are the undisputed protagonists of the season, paired with couture jeans.

“Jeans Couture” – The passion for denim comes to life by expanding the range of models and styles in the SS2019 season. Palazzo and boy-fit trousers, shorts, jackets; all finely shaped and enriched with stitching details and fine embroidery that make the garments unique and recognizable. This collection skillfully mixes rigorous pieces with more casual items with exclusive embroidery, oscillating between the sartorial perfection of jeans and the creativity of patchwork shirts rich in shades and prints inspired by a trip to the desert.

“Explorer” is the leading theme – Basketweave-effect fabrics, madras and stripes intertwine with harmony, creating a “Sartorial Safari “. High-waisted trousers, blazers and suits are combined with tailored chemisier and shirt-dresses enriched with details such as large patch pockets inspired by a safari and for the most elegant voyages, bright fabrics such as malvasia and cupro, to be combined with various accessories, such as hats, caps, belts, bracelets, necklaces and travel bags.

It is a tribute to linen, noble fiber, combined with silk, cupro and cotton for a precious and shiny result. Coated fabrics, laminated, armored and waterproof cottons, sometimes embroidered, to make pieces contemporary and precious. Gold Desert is the chosen color, always combined with sky blue shades and whites: from super white, to soy and goat’s milk nuances with a touch a flamingo and a hint of peony. Iconic garments with a contemporary feel that know how to recreate themselves that are improved by the continuous research of materials and which mix tradition, craftsmanship and innovation.

Knitwear is a key component of the collection. It is available with intarsia design, stripes of different yarns mixed with opalescent light strokes and enriched with sequins, wide knit patterns, waves and folk designs. The nuances reflect the sky and the colors of nature. An alchemy of nuances and techniques that reveal the knowledge, the philosophy and the savoir-faire of those who work with their mind, hands and heart.

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