Elio and Global Blue Smartglasses: The shopping revolution

From the heart, of Italy


In this period, Lorena Antoniazzi fashion house has promoted and strengthened innovative aspects related to the development of technologies to improve the quality and methods of shopping in Boutique.
The Online Shop is now a fundamental tool of widespread boutiques and augmented reality has become part of everyday life in our lives in its own way.
The Covid-19 emergency has changed routines established over time and has set in motion the creations of new habits processes.
The fashion world has had to reinvent itself to keep moving in a constantly evolving market.

ELIO is the acronym for “E-commerce Live International Organization”. Its innovative technology, in collaboration with Global Blue, is allowing the most loyal customers, who at this stage do not have the opportunity to “move”, to virtually travel to traditional boutiques and experience a new type of shopping experience.


The merger between an efficient purchasing platform and innovative Smartglasses have given rise to a “facilitator” service between the Store Managers and the customer, transmitting in real time the perception of immersion and proximity to the store.

How does it work?

You have to access via the internet from all digital devices and it is then possible to connect with the Store Manager to start your new shopping experience.

Wearing the brand-new glasses also called “Smartglasses”, the operator will be able to move around the store and show all the available products of the collection in real time, advising and helping the customer.

A real virtual shopping experience, which allows you to maintain the perception of reality.

Among the strengths of the platform, beyond the extremely avant-garde idea itself, there are certainly:

  • Ease of use by both the consumer and the seller side, previously trained to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of the service offered;
  • The promotion and worldwide visibility guaranteed to the excellence of Made in Italy luxury.

This technology gives customers from all over the world the opportunity to do not leave their trusted boutique and to stay in touch with their Store Manager, creating and strengthening the bond with their favorite brand.

Feeling close and being able to shop while traveling virtually is finally possible, with an intuitive and safe new generation tool, even in this period of “forced immobility”.

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Elio and Global Blue Smartglasses
Article Name
Elio and Global Blue Smartglasses
The new generation of shopping, in collaboration with Global Blue and Epson - Smartglasses for your virtual Shopping! Book your appointment now!
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Lorena Antoniazzi
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