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The distribution strategy of the Lorena Antoniazzi brand is based on a synergy between the wholesale channel and the retail channel. In particular, the Perugia-based company aims to strengthen the retail channel by increasing the number of Lorena Antoniazzi single-brand stores in the world, also thanks to targeted partnerships with local commercial operators. Currently the single-brand stores are located in Perugia, Ortisei, Paris, Saint Moritz, Ibiza, Daegu, Seoul, St. Petersburg and Moscow respectively.
Italianity and comfort as status, predisposition to a lifestyle made of excellence without boundaries, these are the values ​​that have also inspired the technical study and rendering of the boutiques, where the materials, lines and colors used are all consistent with the Lorena Antoniazzi codes.

Warm, essential, natural, the prevailing materials used, are wood and corten and recreate an intimate atmosphere “at home”, while inserted between the furniture, the contemporary art works of the Artitalia Gallery by Luigi Proietti, make it unique and welcoming the boutique shopping experience.
Within the boutiques, it is always possible to experiment with the traceability system of garments and materials. The flagship of the Perugian company: the process requires the customer, through the connection of the label to a totem / technology, to access all the information relating to the main processing phases of the garments.

Sterne International’s plans include the opening of other single-brand boutiques abroad over the next three years. Among the long-term objectives there are also China, a market that Sterne wants to approach with the right timing, and the United States, a place where the brand will be repositioned first and foremost by leveraging a network of high-level specialty stores. On the wholesale level, the Lorena Antoniazzi brand is distributed by selected sales points in the world as well as 4 distribution partners in Russia, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.


Via della Spiga, 36 – Milan, Italy

10 rue de Castiglione – Paris, France
T 0033 142 614995

Rue des États-Unis, 23 – Cannes, Francia
T +33 0493685498

Paseo Juan Carlos, 20 – Modulo 2 Edificio 5 Marina di Ibiza, Spagna
T +33 0493685498

SMOLENSKY PASSAGE – Smolenskaya Plaza 3 (2° floor) – Moscow, Russia
T +7 (495) 785-17-79


Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 19/8 – Saint Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812)3152056


HYUNDAY MAIN/Apgujeong 165, gangnam-gu, 3rd floora
T + 82 25492233

DEBEC PLAZA – Myungdeokro 333, Jungu, 2nd Floor – Daegu, Korea

SHINSEGAE CENTUM CITY – 35 Centumnam-daero, U-dong, Haeundae, 2nd Floor – Busan, Korea
T +82 1588-1234

Galleria TimeWorld, 2° Floor – Seogu Daedeogdaelo, 211
Daejeon 35229 – Corea
T: 82.42.720.6249

Via Maistra, 10 – St. Moritz, Switzerland
0041 818322121

Via Rezia 59 – Ortisei, Italy
T 0471 786041

Via A. Manna 75 — Sant’Andrea Delle Fratte, Perugia, Italy
T +39 075 5288584


336 Rue St Honore – Paris, France
T +33 144820878


Via Morimondo, 22 – Milan, Italy
T +39 0277809721


Kaiserswertherstraße, 132 – Dusseldorf, Germany
T +49 21159815492

Via A. Manna 75 — Sant’Andrea Delle Fratte, Perugia, Italy
T +39 075 5288584


Via Ferdinando Panciatichi, 13/15 – Leccio, Reggello, Italy
T +39 0558657616

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